Firemen Duty

A game for desktops and mobile devices.

Act as firemen and save people jumping from burning building. Bounce them to the ambulance, don’t drop the people to the ground.
You can play through 14 challenges or in survival mode where patterns are random and you are only allowed 3 casualties.

In level

The game is currently hosted on GameJolt in order to gather some feedback at the moment and decide whether to focus on specific platforms and how to best monetize the game for the players and me.

The city proposing the 14 challenges

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Catch the butterflies

I made a game that works on desktop as well as mobiles.
It is available currently on FGL’s mobile platform, and eventually should be available in their GameShop for licensing.
It can be found and played over at amazon.

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Catch the butterflies screen title

Very simple gameplay, you are a little boy who tries to catch butterflies with his butterfly net. Touch the screen to throw your net.
Have a good timing otherwise you will hurt the butterfly or miss it. Both counts as failed attempts, after three fails, the runs end.
You can then share your score on leaderboard.

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Kid Spell Screen Title

KidSpell gameplay

KidSpell is a game designed for Android OS, and made with Construct 2 and ported to Android through Ludei’s CocoonJS.
This is a game for young kids, letting them complete words and learning to read in an appealing way in a non penalizing and polished environment.

A junior voice will speak the letters and completed words along colourful graphics.

Word categories available in KidSpell
Word categories available in KidSpell

You can check the Google Play page for the game and try the free demo.