LD23 “Out for Arrest” made in less than 72 hours

Hey, let me have a “What I recall of the events” post about the game I did with PixolPalette during this week-end for the Ludum Dare Jam.

It was my personal second attempt to the Ludum Dare, second attempt working with PixolPalette too.
And we did it.

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Post mortem on Drop Da Piew

This article is about my thoughts, ramblings and rantings about the development of Drop Da Piew.

Bear with me, I’m not a native English speaker, if you find spelling/grammar mistakes in this document, please be kind enough to point it out in a comment, I’ll be sure to correct it.
Drop Da Piew is my second finished/released game. Like my first game Space Jinx, it was made in the frame of a contest on Scirra.com.

From the beginning of the development I already had the idea to release this website to support it, I wanted the game to be some front end of what can be done as a HTML5 game (on my PC the game is fluid on FF and Chrome, the sound plays good and the general gameplay/controls work as expected/designed so far).

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