Ampélograf is a huge project I’ve been working on with a team of various talents.

Ampélograf is a guided tour in a virtual village that demonstrates the process of making wine, from grapes up to the glass.

Ampélograf’s village, in the vines

About 100 mini games illustrates the various tasks winegrowers,
oenologists and wine traders are dealing with in their every day life.

Select mature grapes to harvest
Eat up the alembic to make eau-de-vie

This application is available on mobile phones (Google Play and Apple Store). Our team also provides access to a WebApp version (used for example on computers or tactile tables available to the visitors on location).

Experience the reason why bio-diversity helps growing vines
Put the cork on bottles before labelling them

Ampélograf is aimed at wine domains who welcome families and have them visiting.
During wine tasting, it can help with keeping the children busy all while keeping them in the same experience their parents are going through.

For domains, we propose scratch cards that contains a code unlocking all the content of the application. Those cards can be offered or sold to the visitors, allowing them to own the application as if they had purchased it in stores.

A scratch card that provides a code to unlock the whole content of the application

Ampélograf is an hybrid application. I did the “content” part of it that you play with Construct 3 (using the Construct 2 legacy runtime) and exported it as HTML5/Cordova that has been used and embedded in a shell my colleagues did and linked with the website and database.

If you have any further question or know some domains or wine makers who could be interested, you can let us know at

Our website :

The application is available on :
Google Play
Apple Store