Monk Fight

This is a template you can find in the start page of Construct 3

This template is a beat ’em up type of game (inspired by games like Streets of rage).

Kick monks that prevents you from moving on in the level

It is an advanced template, if you are a complete beginner this might be complicated to appropriate yourself.

The template is fully commented nonetheless and should be a valuable resource to build upon.

This is the first template I was allowed to make without having to stick to the free edition’s limitations, which allowed me to take advantage of many advanced features of Construct like families and containers.

You can open this template in Construct 3’s editor by following this link.

Sword Arena

Sword Arena is my entry for Ludum Dare 31.

You are a sword fighter and have to fight your way through opponents. How many can you dispatch before being taken down ?
The theme of the Ludum Dare was “Entire game on one screen“. Hence the very minimal interface.

Play the game

Sword Arena

The gameplay is a bit deeper than it might seem. The idea is to manage in getting the right timing to inflict damages to the opponent while not opening oneself to some.
A bit of “footsies” as you have to find the correct distance, anticipate what attack/action may come and how to react to it properly.

Have fun and be sure to leave me feedback !

The most beautiful day of her life

For Ludum Dare 28, theme: “You only get one”
And for this bride-to-be there’s only one minute to get to the church and avoid the despicable plot that has been planned against her. A game full of treason, high emotions, slaps and purses.
Make your way to your wedding in time.

left and right arrow keys to move left and right.
Down arrow to duck.

X to slap.
C to throw your purse.

HTML5 game made with Construct2 – Played best in updated Chrome and/or FireFox with updated graphic card drivers as well.

Sweet slap

Jumping over cars

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Western duels

An experiment I’ve made for the 7DFPS 2013 challenge.

I’ve tried to capture the experience of being in a pistol duel in a western/cowboys tournament.
Most controls are done through the mouse, be sure to read the first screen for them. You might need a little practice at first.

I’ve used Construct2 and Spriter to make this game.

Play the game