Adventures of Bumblebee

In late 2018, I was asked by Digiworks to help out with a project they had been given by Paramount Pictures.

The numeric division of this company had done a runner game for the new spin-off based of the Transformers movies: “Bumblebee”.

I was asked to take that game and make it a two-player split screen race against each other, that was going to be played on a dedicated arcade cabinet.

Cabinets were made and spread out the world for the official release. There was one in France, UK, Germany, Brazil and one is sitting in Paramount’s office in Los Angeles, USA.

I made the game with Construct 2 thanks to the “Paster” third-part add-on that allowed me to “duplicate” the already displayed game in a “split screen”.

How to make cut scenes and fade transitions using Finite State Machine

Barbaric name which hides a tutorial game which displays how to make cut scenes and fade transitions between screens relying on the execution time (the third dimension of Construct).

Video tutorial and capx sources provided.

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About Kyatric

I am a game maker and Construct expert. Originally learning coding with Visual Basic, PHP, C & C++ with the intent to make games it was only when I found Construct that I was able to release my first completed games.

I’m an early adopter of Construct and early believer in HTML5. I’ve been active in Construct 2 community providing tutorials, support and help in the forums and other websites. I have been working and releasing games made during game jams and professional advert-games ordered by various media companies like CanalSat, France 2 or even the music video game “Lazers from my heart” for the band Birdy Nam Nam.

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