Plugin Seeded Random Numbers Generator

I’m selling a third-part plugin in the Scirra store which purpose is to generate random numbers using a seeded generator.

This kind of generator is present in games like The Binding of Isaac (TBI), Faster Than Light (FTL) or even NetHack.

This plugin is pretty lightweight and should be easy to use. It comes with a PDF explanation document and an example of use capx.


See the item’s page in the Scirra Store

Catch the butterflies

I made a game that works on desktop as well as mobiles.
It is available currently on FGL’s mobile platform, and eventually should be available in their GameShop for licensing.
It can be found and played over at amazon.

Play the game

Catch the butterflies screen title

Very simple gameplay, you are a little boy who tries to catch butterflies with his butterfly net. Touch the screen to throw your net.
Have a good timing otherwise you will hurt the butterfly or miss it. Both counts as failed attempts, after three fails, the runs end.
You can then share your score on leaderboard.

Play the game