Race Track

This is a template you can find in the start page of Construct 3

A template I had started working on during the period I was able to test Construct 3 in beta version (before public release) in Scirra’s HQ in London. I finished it a year later, once C3 had been publicly released and already had matured.

This is a race driving game in which you are racing against 3 other cars controlled by the computer.

During the race, the rankings of the race are displayed.

The race went for three laps and the car of the player ended in first position.

This is an advanced template, there are complex elements bundled together.

The template still fits in the free edition limits. AI cars go through waypoints in order to follow the track.

Checkpoints are there to help out with the current rankings of the cars, accordingly to the number of laps they already went through.

You can open this template in Construct 3’s editor by following this link.

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