Boule et Bill: Le tournoi de ping-pong

Logo Boule et Bill
The game’s logo on the main screen

Another game made for Digiworks and aimed at the French platform that contains games and videos of cartoons/programs aimed at young people.

In this ping-pong game, you are opposed to the characters from the 3D animated serie Boule et Bill (originally a comic that people my age were familiar with).

Play the game on

Game in French

First match
One of the first matches against “Caroline” the turtle

The gameplay is quite simple, one click/one touch allows you to serve. When the yellow bar following the ball gets in the blue area, click again to hit the ball.

Later on, a system of a Super comes in, allowing you to fill a bar and throwing a “super hit” to the opponent that generally closes the exchange.

Super bar in a match versus Boule
The super bar on the left is filled a bit each time you hit the ball.
The “Super” animatic happens right before you hit the “Super hit”

Play the game on

Game in French

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