Western duels

An experiment I’ve made for the 7DFPS 2013 challenge.

I’ve tried to capture the experience of being in a pistol duel in a western/cowboys tournament.
Most controls are done through the mouse, be sure to read the first screen for them. You might need a little practice at first.

I’ve used Construct2 and Spriter to make this game.

Play the game


Kid Spell Screen Title

KidSpell gameplay

KidSpell is a game designed for Android OS, and made with Construct 2 and ported to Android through Ludei’s CocoonJS.
This is a game for young kids, letting them complete words and learning to read in an appealing way in a non penalizing and polished environment.

A junior voice will speak the letters and completed words along colourful graphics.

Word categories available in KidSpell
Word categories available in KidSpell

You can check the Google Play page for the game and try the free demo.

Demolition technics

A game made for Hack-a-Jam 2012.

Rather a prototype than a complete game, but it was made in less than 2 days and wasn’t made as a “I’m totally involved in this”.

Still an interesting experiment/experience though, I’m curious about any feedback on this.

It’s a kind of “demolition simulation” game.
Place dynamite on specific element of a “building”, make sure the blue parts end up in the green area and none touches any red building.

Play the game here