Le défi de Djoko – Advergame Canal Sat

screenshot_djoko_1I have had the opportunity to work with Digiworks on this “advergame” to promote Canal Sat (a French satellite TV channels provider) in the frame of Roland Garros, the famous tennis tournament in France.

screenshot_djoko_2The result is a “Whack-a-mole” type of game using nice 16bits-like graphics and music. Players, during the Roland Garros 2016 tournament, were able to register and share their score in order to win tickets to see the matches live.
This “contest” is now over, but the social network sharing part is still active.


You can still play the game on:

The game is in French.

Plugin Seeded Random Numbers Generator

I’m selling a third-part plugin in the Scirra store which purpose is to generate random numbers using a seeded generator.

This kind of generator is present in games like The Binding of Isaac (TBI), Faster Than Light (FTL) or even NetHack.

This plugin is pretty lightweight and should be easy to use. It comes with a PDF explanation document and an example of use capx.


See the item’s page in the Scirra Store

How to make cut scenes and fade transitions using Finite State Machine

Barbaric name which hides a tutorial game which displays how to make cut scenes and fade transitions between screens relying on the execution time (the third dimension of Construct).

Video tutorial and capx sources provided.

Play in the Scirra Arcade


Firemen Duty

A game for desktops and mobile devices.

Act as firemen and save people jumping from burning building. Bounce them to the ambulance, don’t drop the people to the ground.
You can play through 14 challenges or in survival mode where patterns are random and you are only allowed 3 casualties.

In level

The game is currently hosted on GameJolt in order to gather some feedback at the moment and decide whether to focus on specific platforms and how to best monetize the game for the players and me.

The city proposing the 14 challenges

Play the game