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Useful links and tools related to game making

Build your games

  • Construct 2 – My weapon of choice. A lot of platforms to export to. Use the power of HTML5, use the power of the event system.
  • The GIMP – Open source software to make graphics. It takes time to get used to the interface at first I guess, but I’ve been using it for so long it’s not a big deal for me anymore. And it’s far less expensive than Photoshop.
  • Spriter – An animation tool (that also has a Construct2 plugin for easy integration/use). Still in dev, but it will take over the world someday so check it out right now !
  • Bfxr – An online tool that will generate 8/16 bits sounds. Pretty useful and often used in game jams.
  • Sprite Font Generator – A tool developed to allow the conversion of TTF and OTF fonts to bitmap fonts that can be easily used in the SpriteFont object in Construct2.

Practice your skills

  • CompoHub – A website that lists different game jams available