Practice your skills !

Since the beginning of 2015 I’ve been participating on a somewhat regular basis to the @Pixel_Dailies challenge over Twitter.
It is basically a Twitter account that once a day will post a theme and ask you to reply/tweet with a specific set of hashtags posting a pixel art image you made according to the theme.

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Smart and experienced people talking about making games

Blogs you should read and follow
Video talks on various subjects in regards to making games

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Useful links and tools related to game making

Build your games

  • Construct 2 – My weapon of choice. A lot of platforms to export to. Use the power of HTML5, use the power of the event system.
  • The GIMP – Open source software to make graphics. It takes time to get used to the interface at first I guess, but I’ve been using it for so long it’s not a big deal for me anymore. And it’s far less expensive than Photoshop.
  • Spriter – An animation tool (that also has a Construct2 plugin for easy integration/use). Still in dev, but it will take over the world someday so check it out right now !
  • Bfxr – An online tool that will generate 8/16 bits sounds. Pretty useful and often used in game jams.
  • Sprite Font Generator – A tool developed to allow the conversion of TTF and OTF fonts to bitmap fonts that can be easily used in the SpriteFont object in Construct2.

Practice your skills

  • CompoHub – A website that lists different game jams available

LD23 “Out for Arrest” made in less than 72 hours

Hey, let me have a “What I recall of the events” post about the game I did with PixolPalette during this week-end for the Ludum Dare Jam.

It was my personal second attempt to the Ludum Dare, second attempt working with PixolPalette too.
And we did it.

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Post mortem on Drop Da Piew

This article is about my thoughts, ramblings and rantings about the development of Drop Da Piew.

Bear with me, I’m not a native English speaker, if you find spelling/grammar mistakes in this document, please be kind enough to point it out in a comment, I’ll be sure to correct it.
Drop Da Piew is my second finished/released game. Like my first game Space Jinx, it was made in the frame of a contest on

From the beginning of the development I already had the idea to release this website to support it, I wanted the game to be some front end of what can be done as a HTML5 game (on my PC the game is fluid on FF and Chrome, the sound plays good and the general gameplay/controls work as expected/designed so far).

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About Kyatric

I am a game maker and Construct expert. Originally learning coding with Visual Basic, PHP, C & C++ with the intent to make games it was only when I found Construct that I was able to release my first completed games.

I’m an early adopter of Construct and early believer in HTML5. I’ve been active in Construct 2 community providing tutorials, support and help in the forums and other websites. I have been working and releasing games made during game jams and professional advert-games ordered by various media companies like CanalSat, France 2 or even the music video game “Lazers from my heart” for the band Birdy Nam Nam.

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