Boule et Bill: Le tournoi de ping-pong

Logo Boule et Bill
The game’s logo on the main screen

Another game made for Digiworks and aimed at the French platform that contains games and videos of cartoons/programs aimed at young people.

In this ping-pong game, you are opposed to the characters from the 3D animated serie Boule et Bill (originally a comic that people my age were familiar with).

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Game in French

First match
One of the first matches against “Caroline” the turtle

The gameplay is quite simple, one click/one touch allows you to serve. When the yellow bar following the ball gets in the blue area, click again to hit the ball.

Later on, a system of a Super comes in, allowing you to fill a bar and throwing a “super hit” to the opponent that generally closes the exchange.

Super bar in a match versus Boule
The super bar on the left is filled a bit each time you hit the ball.
The “Super” animatic happens right before you hit the “Super hit”

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Game in French

Birdy Nam Nam – Lazers from my heart – The Music Video Game

Again, working with Digiworks, I had the opportunity to work on a quite interesting project.

The French electro band Birdy Nam Nam (talented turntablists) wanted a video game as video clip for one of their song.
It is an original concept in which only the best players get to hear the whole song by playing the game in its length.

You get to enjoy nice non interactive transitions in between the gameplay parts (except on iPhone/iOS where playing video is very technically limited) and see the “story” that happens to the three members of the band as the song goes through.
The band members are the main character for the game(s), each having his own level and his own context.

A nice video in between the gameplay parts tells the story of the music videoA nice video in between the gameplay parts tells the story of the music video

The basic gameplay is of auto-runner kind, jumping over obstacles, bouncing from them to go even further reaching bonuses in the process when the timing used was right.

DJ Need is escaping a giant woman using his skate boardDJ Need is escaping a giant woman using his skate board
Crazy B is a crazy whale in the seaCrazy B is a crazy whale in the sea
Little Mike drives his Cadillac road 666 styleLittle Mike drives his Cadillac road 666 style

There are also mini-games in between those parts where the user is to tap frenetically in order to raise the level of a bar.
Fill a certain percentage by the given time and you have won points and go unharmed to the next phase.
Don’t fill the bar enough and you loose a beer bottle/life point in the process.

In a bar, take a selfie of you and a nice babe (to the left) and avoid the biker in the backgroundIn a bar, take a selfie of you and a nice babe (to the left) and avoid the biker in the background


The game stops when you have “consumed” your three lives.

You can then process to submit your email and score in order to participate to a contest where the price were VIP pass to see the band live.
The contest is now over, but you can still do the leaderboard race if you want to and just enjoy the game and music track.

A lot of people and companies were involved in the making of this game.

In the end though I’m the one who did the most of the construction work and putting together of all the elements that compose the game in order for it to work on desktop computers as well as mobiles.
It was an interesting experience and the end product has had good feedback as far as I could tell.


Le défi de Djoko – Advergame Canal Sat

screenshot_djoko_1I have had the opportunity to work with Digiworks on this “advergame” to promote Canal Sat (a French satellite TV channels provider) in the frame of Roland Garros, the famous tennis tournament in France.

screenshot_djoko_2The result is a “Whack-a-mole” type of game using nice 16bits-like graphics and music. Players, during the Roland Garros 2016 tournament, were able to register and share their score in order to win tickets to see the matches live.
This “contest” is now over, but the social network sharing part is still active.


You can still play the game on:

The game is in French.

Plugin Seeded Random Numbers Generator

I’m selling a third-part plugin in the Scirra store which purpose is to generate random numbers using a seeded generator.

This kind of generator is present in games like The Binding of Isaac (TBI), Faster Than Light (FTL) or even NetHack.

This plugin is pretty lightweight and should be easy to use. It comes with a PDF explanation document and an example of use capx.


See the item’s page in the Scirra Store

How to make cut scenes and fade transitions using Finite State Machine

Barbaric name which hides a tutorial game which displays how to make cut scenes and fade transitions between screens relying on the execution time (the third dimension of Construct).

Video tutorial and capx sources provided.

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