Contact me

If you want to contact me because you have an issue concerning the usage of Construct2 with or without following a tutorial of mine, I’d prefer you to post on Scirra’s forums in the “How do I”-“Beginner’s questions” forums.

I’m OK to provide support, I just can’t handle all the requests.
I can’t overview any one single of your projects and/or look for errors in it in your place.

The forums are friendly and other competent people will provide help as well. I’m active on the forums, so it’s likely I will see the issue, or at worst put a “@Kyatric” in your message and I should get a notification for it.
Also please attach a capx of the project you have issue with when asking for a question, you won’t waste anybody’s time this way, neither yours or the one of people who might answer.

On the other hand, if you want to contact me for some business proposal/discussion, please go ahead and use this contact form.