Demolition technics

A game made for Hack-a-Jam 2012.

Rather a prototype than a complete game, but it was made in less than 2 days and wasn’t made as a “I’m totally involved in this”.

Still an interesting experiment/experience though, I’m curious about any feedback on this.

It’s a kind of “demolition simulation” game.
Place dynamite on specific element of a “building”, make sure the blue parts end up in the green area and none touches any red building.

Play the game here



LD23 “Out for Arrest” made in less than 72 hours

Hey, let me have a “What I recall of the events” post about the game I did with PixolPalette during this week-end for the Ludum Dare Jam.

It was my personal second attempt to the Ludum Dare, second attempt working with PixolPalette too.
And we did it.

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Post mortem on Drop Da Piew

This article is about my thoughts, ramblings and rantings about the development of Drop Da Piew.

Bear with me, I’m not a native English speaker, if you find spelling/grammar mistakes in this document, please be kind enough to point it out in a comment, I’ll be sure to correct it.
Drop Da Piew is my second finished/released game. Like my first game Space Jinx, it was made in the frame of a contest on

From the beginning of the development I already had the idea to release this website to support it, I wanted the game to be some front end of what can be done as a HTML5 game (on my PC the game is fluid on FF and Chrome, the sound plays good and the general gameplay/controls work as expected/designed so far).

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About Kyatric

I am a game maker and Construct expert. Originally learning coding with Visual Basic, PHP, C & C++ with the intent to make games it was only when I found Construct that I was able to release my first completed games.

I’m an early adopter of Construct and early believer in HTML5. I’ve been active in Construct 2 community providing tutorials, support and help in the forums and other websites. I have been working and releasing games made during game jams and professional advert-games ordered by various media companies like CanalSat, France 2 or even the music video game “Lazers from my heart” for the band Birdy Nam Nam.

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